Sunday, April 13, 2014

Daddy Daughter Campout

Stephen took the girls on our ward Daddy Daughter camp out this weekend.  I was excited for them to get some bonding time and excited for a quiet weekend.  It didn't work out exactly as I wanted since I still had Foster screaming at me all night!  I think they had a great time though.

I guess they woke up with the sun and played hard all day.  Pyper fell asleep soon after they got home on Saturday afternoon and slept for three hours.  Then she could hardly keep her eyes open by 7PM.  They took a bath and settled in for movie night and Pyper promptly fell fast asleep.  She woke up at 1:00 in the morning with a fever of 102.3 so I gave her medicine and she went back to sleep.  Her fever was coming back this morning so I gave her more medicine at around 9:00.  She randomly threw up all over my bed, mostly just water and Kensley and Stephen went to church without us.  Pyper fell back asleep around 10:30 this morning and slept about two and a half hours.  She woke up at 1:00 PM asking for breakfast.  So far she has eaten part of a chocolate muffin, pancakes and a bowl of cereal.  She seems to be feeling better so let's hope it lasts!

Monday, November 11, 2013

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sunday Drama

As we were walking into Church this morning Pyper tripped somehow and landed on her arm I guess.  I didn't actually see it happen, I just heard the screaming after it happened.  I knew right away she probably dislocated her elbow since our family has a lot of experience with this for some reason.  So Church ended for me before it even started.  I got the keys from Stephen and took her to Urgent Care wondering how often I can take Pyper in before they think I am the one hurting her!  We sat in the waiting room for an eternity for our turn.  She was really good but would not move her right arm for anything.  The doctor finally checked it out and moved it around to get it back in place while she screamed.  He gave her stickers and a popsicle and had us sit there another 10 minutes to see if she would start moving it on her own.  She ate her popsicle one handed and refused to move her arm.  Anytime I tried to touch it she would cry.  So the doctor came back in and looked at it some more and decided to send her home anyway.  He said nothing felt out of place and to give her some ibuprofen and put it in a sling.  We got home and she was happy as anything as long as nobody touched the arm and she never moved it on purpose.  She eventually curled up next to Kensley and fell asleep.  While she was sleeping, Stephen moved her arm and took off the sling.  She started screaming bloody murder so we knew for sure it was still hurting her.  Stephen felt she needed an X-ray because it shouldn't still be hurting her if it wasn't dislocated.  I called the Urgent Care and they told us to bring her back in to get the X-ray and that was pretty traumatic for Pyper.  She did not want to go back and was really upset.  Then I could hear her screaming through the whole building when they did the X-rays.  I sent Stephen in there with her since I am pregnant.  It was pretty sad.  It turns out nothing is wrong which is a good thing, but she was still pretty hysterical whenever anyone touched the arm or I accidentally moved it when getting in and out of the car.  The doctor said maybe it was just really sore from falling on it and to give it 48 hours and keep giving her Ibuprofen.   She was still very protective of her arm most of the night, but around bedtime she came running down the stairs (naked) and carrying some clothes with both arms and acting like all was well in the world.  So our fun day has finally ended and all is well!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

First Day of School

Kensley is officially in the Second Grade!  School started on August 7th this year and she was pretty nervous even though she wouldn't admit it.  She woke up the morning of the first day with a tummy ache, but was happy when I picked her up at the end of the day.  A few days into school I asked her if she liked her teacher and her class.  She said yes and that she thinks she is really going to love the second grade!  Pyper is pretty mad that she doesn't get to go to school yet.  She keeps telling me that she is big enough for school too!  She gets to start preschool next year thanks to her December birthday.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fun Hair

Kensley and Pyper slept in braids last night so that they could have curly hair this morning.  Kensley was quite proud of her look this morning before school and couldn't stop posing.

I didn't get pictures of them together because Pyper didn't get out of bed until after Kensley went to school.  She was happy with her hair as well.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Robert Dale Owens Sr

My Father passed away this past Thursday.  In the words of my sister, Bobbi:
First day of my life without my dad in this world. The angels in the spirit world are welcoming an amazing man. Robert "Bob" Dale Owens, Sr. Father of 7, Grandfather of 15, Korean War veteran, AVHSD Administrator/High school principal/educator/school board member for 30 years, Lancaster Rotary Club President, football player for Missouri State, Pianist, World traveler, the greatest Historian & Genealogist ever!, Descendant of William Bradford (member of the William Bradford Society), Best story teller in the world, and most of all-- my dad. :) I love you.
My Dad with me and my sister, Sandi.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The day was supposed to start with this great breakfast:

Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned.  We have church at 8:30 and I wasn't planning on going because Pyper is sick.  I set my alarm for 7:40 so I could get up and help Kensley get ready to go with Stephen.  She also had her alarm set for this same time.  I woke up a few minutes before my alarm and turned it off and accidentally fell back to sleep.  The next thing I know, is Stephen is getting out of the shower and it is after eight.  Kensley's alarm woke her up and she went downstairs to watch cartoons, not even bothering to get ready for Church.  I forgot about the cereal and made Kensley a peanut butter sandwich to eat in the car on the way to Church.  Pyper did get a bowl of cereal, though, since we were stuck at home.

Kensley in all her St Patrick's day finery.  She was all stressed out about wearing this to Church.  She kept asking me if it was okay for her to wear a shirt and not a dress.  I assured her that no one would kick her out of church for this outfit!

Mint chocolate chip cookies!

Preparing to eat our St Patrick's Day Feast of Corned Beef and Cabbage.  Kensley devoured her food and even asked for seconds of her cabbage.